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Zeleros, the European company based in Valencia, Spain that’s developing a scalable hyperloop system, has announced the support of three key players that will accelerate the development of its pioneering transport system – ACCIONA, CAF and EIT InnoEnergy. The European hyperloop will be able to travel at 1000 km/h and it will emit zero emissions.

The three partners will provide knowledge in key areas in the development of hyperloop: infrastructure, vehicle, and the industrial development framework at European level.

They join the team of more than 180 professionals and 50 organisations making the creation of Zeleros’ hyperloop system a reality.

In February, 2021, Zeleros revealed that it is working with Airbus to test its electric propulsion system. It completed a financing round worth more than €7 million in 2020. 

EIT InnoEnergy, established in 2010 and supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), operates at the centre of the energy transition and is the leading engine for sustainable energy, bringing the technology and skills required to support the green deal and Europe’s decarbonisation goals.

David Pistoni, CEO and Co-founder of Zeleros, says: “For Zeleros it is an honor to have industrial partners at the level of ACCIONA, CAF and EIT InnoEnergy to make this ambitious project a reality, with which we want to expand the limits of mobility as we know it, making it faster and more sustainable. We continue to make steady progress to achieve this.”

Josep Miquel Torregrosa, EIT InnoEnergy Iberia Business Creation Director, adds: “At Innoenergy we firmly believe in the potential of Zeleros technology to connect the world in a matter of minutes and in a sustainable way, and we will support the creation of a robust ecosystem at European level.”

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Co-founded in 2016 by David Pistoni (CEO), Daniel Orient (CTO) and Juan Vicén (CMO), after being twice awarded in the contest organized by Elon Musk (SpaceX) in Los Angeles. Zeleros is partnering with renowned industrial players and research centres around the world to make hyperloop a reality in the next decade.

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