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Suzuki Motor Corporation and Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. have joined Toyota’s Commercial Japan Partnership (CJP) commercial vehicle project to accelerate their carbon neutrality initiatives in minivehicles through the dissemination of CASE technologies and services. Suzuki and Daihatsu are to each acquire 10 percent of issued shares of Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies, the joint venture for the CJP initiative, from Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota).

CJP was launched in April 2021 to accelerate CASE technologies and services in the large truck sector by combining the commercial business foundations cultivated by Isuzu Motors Limited (Isuzu) and Hino Motors Limited (Hino) with the CASE technologies of Toyota.

The companies plan to jointly work on the development of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), autonomous driving technologies, and electronic platforms. 

Expanding CJP to include minivehicles with the participation of Suzuki and Daihatsu will enable the promotion of improved integrated logistics efficiency spanning from large trucks to mini-commercial vehicles. 

At a press conference, Toyota President, Akio Toyoda, stated: “Although mini-commercial vehicles present extreme challenges when thinking only in terms of profitability, they are indispensable to Japan. That is what has driven these two companies to make effort, come up with new ideas, and keep going. In other words, what they have been true to are the mission of the automotive industry and a user’s perspective that puts customers first. By working together, these two companies will be able to know the reality of nearly 70 percent of Japan’s minivehicle users. Nothing could make Toyota happier than to be able to apply its CASE technologies to further evolve minivehicles and help improve people’s lives.”

Suzuki President. Toshihito Suzuki, added: “We want to evolve minivehicles, which are collectively the “people’s car” and lifeline, in stride with the changing times and to pass on to the future the baton of the “works of art” created by our predecessors as tools to enrich the lives of our customers. That is our mission and hope. As like-minded colleagues, we would like to start by working together as five companies.”

Daihatsu President, Soichiro Okudaira, commented: “As a manufacturer of minivehicles, Daihatsu will continue to provide products and services while insisting on products that are compact, light, and low-cost so that minivehicles, which serve as a lifeline, will remain affordable and accessible to our customers. Through this partnership, we will accelerate such efforts.”

In 2020, Toyota Motor North America and Hino USA agreed to jointly develop a Class 8 fuel cell electric truck (FCET) for the North American market.

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