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Germany’s Sono Motors will deploy Sibros’ connected software-based solutions to manage the entire Sion fleet, which launches in Europe in the first half of 2023. The Sion is Sono Motors’ first solar electric vehicle (SEV).

Sibros is a leading provider of Deep Over-the-Air (OTA) Connected Vehicle Systems.

The Sion’s software updates, data collection and remote interactions will be handled by the Sibros Deep Connected Platform, giving Sono Motors direct insight into vehicle data and fleet analytics, while also diagnosing and fixing potential problems before they compromise vehicle capabilities including malware hacks and other cybersecurity issues.

Sono is expected to initially deliver the Sion across Europe including Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Sion’s solar panels can add up to 245 km or 152 mi (112 km or 70mi on average) of additional driving range per week to the car’s 54 kWh battery, which generates up to 305 km or range itself.

Johannes Bückle, Head of Digital Product at Sono Motors, says: “Connectivity and innovative mobility services are critical components of our strategy to reduce the cost of ownership for our customers, and to enable software-powered business models.”

Hemant Sikaria, CEO and Co-Founder of Sibros, adds: “We are pleased to partner with Sono Motors, which has established itself as a global leader in the solar-powered vehicle market. The popularity and continual pre-orders of the Sion has emphasized the need for safe, secure and reliable over-the-air software updates and data collection for the entire vehicle fleet. Additionally, the team at Sono Motors is excellent and full of extremely passionate and forward-thinking individuals working towards a great common goal. We are humbled to be a part of their growth and journey.” 

Sono Motors Founders

Sono Motors was founded in 2016 and has raised approximately € 100M through reservations and funding.

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