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Uber, Mobilize, RATP and Blablacar are co-signing a manifesto on urban mobility in France, called Mobilité360. The manifesto is a result of the brands shared commitment for the development of sustainable and optimised mobility, that addresses the needs of users, cities, and operators.

Mobilité360 intend to study the creation of new infrastructures that foster the adoption of green and shared transportation. The partners will also explore the development of first and last mile on-demand shared mobility services, as well as complementary services to ensure service continuity during off-peak hours, including at night.

In the short term, Mobilité360 partners intend to launch an experiment allowing citizens to test a diversified, more flexible, and greener mobility offer.

Laureline Serieys, General Manager of Uber in France, says: “Accelerating together the energy transition of urban mobility is one of the founding pillars of the ‘Mobilité360’ project. This collective project will enable Uber to bring new solutions to cities and users and is fully in line with our sustainability strategy and our goal of having 50% electric vehicles by 2025 announced a few months ago.”

Nicolas Brusson, co-founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar, adds: “There is incredible potential to draw from the capabilities offered by cars driving with empty seats. Every day, there are 17 million lone drivers on the road, that’s almost 40 million available spaces! With the ‘Mobilité360’ project, we want to make carpooling a true shared transportation option on a large scale.”

“The manifesto we are carrying today is in line with Groupe RATP’s approach to position itself as the preferred partner for smart, human and sustainable cities, open to transformations and new ideas, and attentive to the necessary changes of their urban model. This is why we will bring our expertise to provide public authorities with all the tools they need to make cities more sustainable, more inclusive and more enjoyable,” comments  Marie-Claude Dupuis, Head of Strategy, Innovation and Development at RATP Group.

The manifesto of urban mobility, supported by the Boston Consulting Group, will help transform current urban mobility systems and develop, in collaboration with public authorities.

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