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It’s an exciting time for the Chinese electric, two-wheel vehicle brand, Yadea Technology Group. The company recently announced that it will be launching its brand globally in a press conference themed ‘Electrify Your Life’.

The Jiangsu-based company also used the opportunity to showcase the whole range of its two-wheeler offerings, including electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bikes and electric kick scooters, where its new e-motorcycle particularly received a lot of positive attention.

Heidi Zang, Vice General Manager of Yadea, took out some time to speak to Auto Futures about the new developments. 

“Yadea Group was established in 2001 with the mission to use its market leadership to inspire a movement towards greener travel solutions. We aim to create world-leading electric vehicle (EV) solutions by building innovative technologies that meet and exceed international standards for safety and quality. We hope to provide a supremely comfortable driving experience that offers convenience, safety and freedom,” says Zang. 

Years of development and design experience building electric scooters, e-bikes, mopeds have borne fruit, as the company is now recognised as a leader in the two-wheeler electric vehicles space. Until now, Yadea has expanded its presence across 88 countries and sold over 47 million products, meaning that it helps save 8.37 million tonnes of petrol and eliminates 29 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is almost equivalent to planting 29 billion trees. 

“Yadea’s sales network spans the globe. Our products are sold in over 88 countries, and we have been setting the industry sales benchmark for 16 consecutive years,” explains Zang.

“In 2020, Yadea was the only manufacturer in industry to achieve the sales amounts of 10+ million units. Across the span of 20 years, we have 47+ million users with 35,000+ retailers and 2,000+ distributors. Research and Development is also one of our strengths. As of today, we own 6 industry leading-level technology R&D centres, 1 leading-level industrial design technology centre, 1,097 national patents (including 85 invention patents). What’s more is that we’re the only brand in the industry with 2 CNAS-certified labs. The 2021 R&D budget of Yadea will exceed 100 million dollars.” 

“We adhere to the highest quality testing standards in the industry and believe that fine workmanship is the best commitment to our customers. In 2015, Yadea created the first ‘Platinum Quality’ standard. In 2018, we upgraded again and launched the ‘Radiant Diamond Quality’ standard. We’ve been the first to pass the EU CE, EMARK and other world quality certification (on select parts) to achieve automotive- and aviation-grade standards above the new national standard of the industry’s most stringent testing,” adds Zeng.


Combining Convenience, Safety and Freedom

On the design front, Yadea has collaborated with world-famous design companies such as Giovannoni Design, AMV Design and Boxer Design. Besides this, the company has also won international design awards such as the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Yadea owns 8 production bases around the world and is the only enterprise in the industry that owns overseas production bases. It even boasts of the industry’s most complete and highest-capacity production line, equipment and management systems.

The company’s current product line caters to various categories of electric scooters, right from ones suitable for cities to those that are sporty in nature. In fact, Yadea is also expected to further expand its micro-mobility range.

When asked about this, Zang replies: “Yadea has a diverse product matrix and provides a variety of travel options to meet different consumers. We’ve expanded our product lines to enrich our overseas markets and meet diverse needs of various consumers. We now have diverse products which include electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric mopeds and kick scooters. By expanding the product line, Yadea is able to realise its promise to provide a supremely comfortable driving experience that offers convenience, safety and freedom to various consumers.”

As our conversation progressed, I was curious about the battery technology Yadea uses in its products.

On asking Zang about it, she explains: “Yadea’s battery has a lifespan of three times that of ordinary batteries and a maximum range of up to 140 kilometres. This not only realizes long trips but can be charged very quickly. Thanks to Yadea’s cutting-edge fast-charging technology, our battery is able to support a one-hour charge which fills 80% of the battery.”

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We hope to create a new global era that is continuously enhanced by Chinese innovation.

As Yadea ushers is what it calls a new  ‘Era of Green’ with the global release of its exciting product range, I ask Zang what this means for the company.

“The global market is very important to Yadea. Our sales network includes countries like Germany and America. In fact, we’re the first Chinese two-wheeled electric vehicle brand to go abroad. Established an owned import/export company in 2007, export sales of Yadea have topped the list in China’s two-wheel e-vehicle industry. In recent years, Yadea has joined international brands in sales numbers.”

The company was selected as an official Asian sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and a strategic partner with ADAC, the largest travel club in Europe. It was also invited to participate in more than 100 global exhibitions, including the Milan Exhibition.

“The two wheels electric vehicles industry originated in China and now become a worldwide industry. As a leader of the two-wheeler electric vehicles industry, Yadea brings together international high-quality parts and components suppliers, world-renowned design institutions, and top technology brands such as BMW, Beckers cooperating with many world-leading partners to create high-end electric vehicles.”

With an announcement of its global expansion plans, the mobility world is waiting to know what’s next for this electric two-wheeler company. “Yadea represents China’s advanced production industry and brings advanced technologies to the world.”

“As Yadea moves forward, we will continue to foster new technology and products in order to propel the industry forward. In doing so, we hope to create a new global era that is continuously enhanced by Chinese innovation. In line with Yadea’s mission, vision and promise, we are committed to nurturing a new generation of technologies to innovate the industry and expand possibilities,” concludes Zang.

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