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The chief executives of Groupe Renault, Atos, Dassault Systèmes, STMicroelectronics and Thales have announced their intention to join forces to create the Software République, a new ecosystem for innovation in intelligent mobility. The partners plan to develop and market together systems and software to provide a sustainable mobility offer for cities, regions, businesses and citizens.

These new products and services will be based on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, connectivity, embedded electronics, and ‘virtual twin’ technology.

The Software République will also seek to create an investment fund to finance the most promising start-ups and an incubator to host start-ups in the field of smart mobility technologies, where they will have access to a collaborative virtual development and experimentation environment, and mentoring through a value network.

For the launch of the ecosystem for start-ups and universities, the partners of the Software République plan to organise a data challenge to contribute to the development of the technologies for the mobility of tomorrow: electric, connected and autonomous.

Luca de Meo, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Renault, says: “In the new mobility value chain, on-board intelligence systems are the new driving force, where all research and investment are now concentrated. Faced with this technological challenge, we are choosing to play collectively and openly. There will be no centre of gravity, the value of each will be multiplied by others. The combined expertise in cybersecurity, microelectronics, energy and data management will enable us to develop unique, cutting-edge solutions for low-carbon, shared, and responsible mobility, made in Europe.”

Jean-Marc Chery, President and Chief Executive Officer, STMicroelectronics, adds:
“STMicroelectronics has joined the Software République to bring its innovative semiconductor products and solutions for electrification and digitalisation of vehicles and mobility services. Our know-how is an enabler of the ongoing transformation towards more efficient solutions, in line with the expectation of stakeholders in terms of environmental impact. The partnership at the heart of this project will also help strengthen the links across the entire value chain, a key aspect during this phase of the transformation of this industry.”

This open innovation ecosystem will welcome new members and develop open collaborations.

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