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GMC has expanded its electric supertruck line-up with the addition of the 2024 HUMMER EV SUV. It made its debut during the NCAA’s Final Four basketball tournament in a new commercial film narrated by LeBron James. 

The new advert focuses on the SUV’s features that include Extract Mode and CrabWalk.

Driven by General Motors’ next-generation Ultium Platform, the new HUMMER EV SUV launches with the exclusive Edition 1 which offers an estimated 300-plus miles of range.

All HUMMER EV SUV models feature the enhanced version of Super Cruise, an available driver-assistance technology offering hands-free driving on more than 200,000 miles (approximately 322,000 km) of enabled roads in the U.S., and a new automatic lane changing feature.

GMC says production will begin in early 2023.

Duncan Aldred, global vice president of Buick and GMC, says: “The GMC HUMMER EVs were envisioned to be the most capable and compelling electric supertrucks ever. The new HUMMER EV SUV is the next chapter, which will offer many options for customers to tailor the truck to their lifestyles, while continuing to encourage them to forge new paths with zero emissions.”

The Gmc Hummer Ev Suv Completes The Hummer Ev Family And Feature

GMC has been manufacturing trucks since 1902 and now sells in a dozen countries across the world.

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