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Immense has joined forces with O2, to support an improved way for fleet and infrastructure providers to develop mobility systems fit for the future.

This development will enable the company’s mobility decision-support platform to leverage anonymised and aggregated demand data insights from O2 in the UK. This will help Immense support faster, confident, and more economical decision-making by enabling rapid scenario analysis for the movement of people in both urban and rural environments.

Powered by high-quality demand data, Immense is providing digital worlds and simulation to improve fleet utilisation, minimise passenger wait times, support infrastructure deployment for electric vehicles, reduce congestion in cities, and facilitate the operation of autonomous vehicles.

O2 Motion, the Data & Insights team within O2, is a service that uses anonymised and aggregated data created by the mobile phone network to offer insight into movement trends across the UK. It has supported organisations across a broad range of sectors, including proving invaluable for the transport sector. In parallel, O2 has invested heavily in establishing a stable data environment within which the Data & Insights team and clients can operate.

“It’s great to be working with Immense, where the contribution of anonymised and aggregated data insights from O2 Motion can help businesses gain a meaningful picture of crowd movement trends,” said Geoff Wappett, Head of O2 Motion.

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