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Audi AG. has unveiled an optional augmented reality head-up display in the new Q4 e-tron. The display technology reflects important information via the windshield on two separate levels, the status section and the augmented reality (AR) section.

The information provided by some of the assist systems and the turning arrows of the navigation system as well as its starting points and destinations are visually superimposed in the corresponding place on the real-life outside world as content of the AR section. They appear to be floating at a physical distance of roughly ten meters (32.8 ft) to the driver.

Depending on the situation, they appear considerably further ahead in some cases. The driver can understand the displays very quickly without being confused or distracted by them, and they are extremely helpful in poor visibility conditions.

In a press release, Audi states: ‘The technical heart of the augmented reality head-up display is the picture generation unit (PGU), which is located deep inside the long instrument panel. A particularly bright LCD directs the light beams it generates onto two level mirrors, and special optical components separate the portions for the near-field and distant areas. The level mirrors direct the beams onto a large concave mirror that can be adjusted electrically. From there, they reach the windshield, which reflects them into what is known as the eyebox, and thus onto the driver’s eyes’.

It adds: ‘At an apparent distance of ten meters (32.8 ft), or even further away depending on the situation, the driver sees the symbols just as clearly as their real-life environment’. 

Audi Q4 E Tron

The Q4 e-tron follows the large SUV models e-tron and e-tron Sportback, as well as the sporty e-tron GT. The Q4 e-tron plays a key part in Audi’s electrification strategy. 

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