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Gatik, an autonomous technology company specializing in B2B short-haul logistics, has announced its electrification strategy with the introduction of the industry’s first Electric Autonomous Box Trucks. These new trucks are designed with an all-electric powertrain, boast a range of 120 miles and can reach full charge in less than 1.5 hours, providing an energy-efficient autonomous solution to optimize freight movement on the middle mile.

To produce the new vehicles, Gatik collaborated with VIA Motors, a leading OEM of electric commercial vehicles. These vehicles include VIA Motor’s proven advanced electric drive technology. 

The first of Gatik’s Electric Autonomous Box Trucks, based on an existing OEM vehicle chassis, will be deployed for customers in New Orleans, February 2021. Gatik offers customers a range of autonomous delivery vehicles between 11 and 26 feet in length, all of which are customised to deliver ambient, cold and frozen goods.

Gautam Narang, CEO & Co-Founder of Gatik says: “Helping our customers as they meet their ambitious emissions targets is a key pillar of our long-term strategy. Our Electric Autonomous Box Trucks are defining a new frontier in sustainability, while continuing to offer the cost reductions and shorter delivery times our autonomous solution is known for. The B2B short-haul market is ideally suited to electric technology thanks to the route lengths involved. Trucks can charge while they’re being loaded, enabling continuous service during operational hours.”

Gatik was founded in 2017 by veterans of the autonomous technology industry and has offices in Palo Alto and Toronto. The company’s mission is to deliver goods safely and efficiently using autonomous vehicles. 


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