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We’ve all been there. Trying to find parking in the city. An endless parade through parking garages and narrow streets before squeezing into a spot that’s blocks away from your destination. 

To address this common problem, Lynk & Co is partnering up with HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, to solve the problem of urban parking for its members. The Lynk & Co 01 will be the first car in the world equipped with the HERE Parking feature for finding both on- and off-street parking to provide an effortless driving experience from start to finish.

“Lynk & Co is all about leveraging technology to make our members’ lives better. Parking is a key struggle of so many journeys, so we’re really excited to be the first to offer HERE Parking as a solution in all our cars for both on- and off-street park,” said David Green, Chief Digital Officer at Lynk & Co.

HERE Parking, which will be included in all 01s, will show drivers on an easy-to-read map where they’re most likely to find on- and off-street parking, pricing information, and any pesky restrictions like no parking zones or loading zones. The feature will include the time it takes to park in its estimated time of arrival and is based on historical and real-time data.

“Lynk & Co is at the cutting edge of customer-first mobility, and we’re pleased to have HERE Parking in their first European car. Together, we’re creating a compelling user experience that’s connected, and addresses real pain points for drivers,” said Giovanni Lanfranchi, Chief Technology Officer of HERE Technologies.

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