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Lime has announced it’s aiming to introduce e-mopeds in a handful of cities early this spring, with Paris and Washington DC being the first cities to pilot the service. The Lime e-moped – manufactured by the leading shared moped manufacturer, Niu – is the first Lime vehicle to allow for two riders at a time. 

Lime will provide two high-visibility helmets in the carrying case of every moped, with varying sizes to meet the needs of riders and to provide for one passenger. In the U.S., the helmets are manufactured by Moon. In Europe, they are manufactured by Nikko. The helmets are fully compliant with local regulations.

Riders must be 21 or older to ride in the U.S., and 18 or older in Paris. To access Lime mopeds, riders must have a valid driver’s license.

Wayne Ting, CEO of Lime, says: “The addition of electric mopeds to our fleet of e-bikes and e-scooters is another major step in our goal of ensuring access to affordable, carbon-free shared transportation in cities around the world.”

He adds: “We are a committed partner to over sixty cities in Europe and we continue to invest heavily in sustainable and safe product solutions municipalities and riders need. This is why we choose Paris as one of two cities in the world to pilot our e-moped service allowing riders to make longer trips than ever before using the Lime app, in a safe and clean way.”

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Lime has powered more than 200 million rides in more than 120 cities across five continents. In Europe, it serves more than 60 cities including Paris, Berlin, London, Rome or Budapest.

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