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China’s Xpeng Inc. (NYSE: XPEV) has collaborated with Livox, a leading lidar maker, to deploy its automotive-grade lidar technology in Xpeng’s new production model in 2021. Livox is Xpeng’s first partner in lidar technology.

Xpeng’s new 2021 production model will be the world’s first mass-produced smart EVs equipped with lidar. The company says the implementation of lidar in its autonomous driving system will further enhance safety as well as the ability to cover a comprehensive range of driving scenarios.

Livox says it has customized its Horiz sensor (the automotive-grade version of its Livox Horizon) for Xpeng.

In a press release, Xpeng says: ‘Xpeng’s autonomous driving platform already integrates camera, millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic and other sensors. The addition of lidar will not only provide a greater level of safety redundancy, by allowing more accurate imaging of the road situation, but will also enhance target detection, measurement accuracy, performance in low ambient light and other challenging perception conditions, and will significantly improve the overall performance of NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot), AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) and other functions’.

Livox adds: ‘Livox and Xpeng’s collaboration is a timely response to a new era of rapid advancements in self-driving technology and the rising popularity of software defined cars with upgradable hardware. The application of lidar will elevate the smart driving experience by minimizing the limitations posed by purely visual perception solutions, and providing added levels of safety for smart electric vehicles’.


Xpeng is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, and San Diego. The Company’s Smart EVs are manufactured at plants in Zhaoqing and Zhengzhou, located in Guangdong and Henan provinces, respectively. 

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