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Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the only independent European manufacturer of battery electric vehicles, is set to start production in its primary factory in Germany by early 2021 and roll out its global expansion, enabled by its disruptive production technology.

The company had successfully completed the homologation of one of the most ecologically sustainable four-seater electric vehicles, the e.GO Life platform.

With the conclusion of the transaction with its predecessor, e.GO Mobile AG, the acquisition of the entire business assets and the facilities required for production in Germany has been successfully completed.

The Next.e.GO Mobile SE has already received its World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) number. The re-appointment as a vehicle manufacturer is scheduled in the first quarter of 2021.

In addition, Next.e.GO Mobile SE has successfully signed up to join the CO2 credit pool of a major OEM, thus securing an important income stream for electric car manufacturers.

In the international landscape, Next.e.GO Mobile SE and Enterprise Greece, the investment and trade arm of the Greek State, concluded a Letter of Intent this week to establish a joint venture in Greece, making Greece the first selected production site for e.GO Life outside of Germany. This is a key stepping stone towards the international growth of Next.e.GO Mobile SE and in full harmony with its mission to transform urban e-mobility.

The company has also progressed with the development work for the expansion of its products line-up, with two new platforms undergoing final stages and are scheduled to be unveiled in the company’s management press conference in January 2021.

“Next.e.GO’s innovative edge is where – for the first time in the automotive industry – the customer, the product and the production connect into one digital platform and its production technology enables capacity ramp-up with an unrivalled capital efficiency. This is the ultimate disruption that will convert electric cars to affordable connected devices and drive up the adoption.” says Ali Vezvaei, CEO of nd Group B.V., the majority shareholder of Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

“The design and characteristics of e.GO Life and its industry 4.0 production technology on the one hand, and the versatile business models it enables on the other hand, positions Next.e.GO Mobile SE perfectly to transform urban mobility across Europe and beyond. We are excited about the opportunities ahead,” added Prof Ulrich Hermann, CEO of Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

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