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Damon Motors has pulled the wraps off of its new HyperDrive, the world’s first 100% electric, multi-variant powertrain platform that redefines motorcycle performance, safety and design. As a platform for future Damon motorcycles, HyperDrive is a monocoque-constructed, high-voltage powertrain that a wide range of models and submodels can be built upon. In addition, Damon Motors has integrated the HyperDrive platform into two of its new performance bikes, the HyperSport SX and Hypersport SE. 

To find out more about the HyperDrive and the new models it will feature in, Auto Futures sits down with Founder and CEO, Jay Giraud.

“These are the latest in the Hypersport family, engineered to address the exceptional demand we have had for more entry-level and lower cost sportbikes,” says Giraud. “The HyperSport SX and HyperSport SE each have HyperDrive as the core platform.” 

Configured with 15kWh, the Hypersport SX delivers more than 150 miles range and 150 horsepower, while the HyperSport SE with 11kWh boasts over 100 miles range and over 100 horsepower. This is a proper electric motorbike. Hold on tight. 

“Interestingly, they both deliver well over 200 nm of torque, the same as the Hypersport HS, which will of course be managed by power modes for various riding levels and road conditions. Both include CoPilot and Shift as standard features,” adds Giraud. 

In partnership with Freedomroad Financial, Damon has also announced a revolutionary subscription plan offering for all HyperSport models. Customers can choose from 24, 36 and 48-month subscription plans with a guaranteed residual value, providing customers the freedom to exchange their HyperSport for updated models at the end of the term. As hardware gets updated, customers can always expect next-generation technology without the hassle and trade-in losses that occur with legacy dealerships and brands.

“As we at Damon continue to reinvent two-wheel mobility, the HyperDrive lies at the heart of our innovation,” adds Giraud. “The HyperDrive serves as the nucleus of our creations and will allow us to further evolve our technology and continue to introduce the world’s most exciting and groundbreaking electric motorcycles.”

Hyperdrive Cellexplode V1

Lighting up the Market  

Electrification is breathing new life into the motorcycle market, offering a totally new experience to anything before. This not only improves the overall ride and performance of the vehicle for experienced users but also attracts new consumers into the sector. 

Giraud, who is a full-throttle motorcycle enthusiast with a highly desirable garage of new and old performance bikes, believes that electric is the future of the motorbike. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I love the throaty sound of a powerful V4 engine, and the scream of an inline 4. My personal bike is an Aprilia RSV4 with a very loud SC Project exhaust,” he says. “But on the whole, younger riders are not that attracted to noise, emissions and high chances of injury. Bloomberg just reported an article about the explosive growth of motorcycling during the Pandemic, and it mentioned that a noisy motorcycle can be heard by 11,000 people in downtown Paris.”

“That’s pretty obnoxious if you ask me and so we need to solve this with advanced technology and a more thoughtful rider experience than what the 20th century has so far left us with.”

Hyperdrive Conceptart V2

So it is fairly clear; this will entice a new audience into getting a motorbike, opening the doors up to an entirely new generation of riders in a mobility-driven world. 

In fact, out of the thousand people who have already ordered a Hypersport, 66% of them are between the ages of 18 and 44. In addition, approximately 25% of buyers are under the age of 25.

It is unclear whether new micro-mobility services in cities, which sees thousands of young consumers getting on electric bikes for commuting or enjoyment, has caused this spike in demand, or whether it is generally down to people working from home during the pandemic and wanting a cheaper and more fun alternative to a car. 

“Their incomes are double the American motorcyclist’s average, they’re an entire generation younger and as you can guess, they’re much more interested in their safety and well-being and that of the planet’s as well,” continues Giraud.

Damon believes the only way to bring about a paradigm shift in motorcycle safety is through the use of disruptive technology. With the addition of CoPilot and Shift, HyperDrive is the line of demarcation between the old ways of motorcycling and the new.

A New Kind of Enthusiast 

Giraud believes that the Hypersport is the product that will help motorbike enthusiasts ditch petrol for electric, offering an improvement in every aspect of the vehicle. 

“Our backers own 1.9 gas motorcycles on average and have 19 years of riding experience. The Hypersport is a category killer for combustion supersport motorcycles, and HyperDrive will take this phenomenon right across multiple motorcycle categories,” he adds. 

The demand has been further accelerated by Covid-19, with many people now travelling shorter distances in their local area. 

“There are a few things playing into this,” says Giraud, “not the least of which is related to people having more free time, fewer places they can travel, and the need to maintain some distance between one another. It has been a delightful spin-off benefit among a long list of unfortunate events.”

The future is bright for the electric motorbike market, which will continue to develop over the next few years. As you can imaging, Giraud is very optimistic. 

“I think the electrification trend is absolutely here to stay, albeit my guess is most manufacturers will continue to play it very cautiously, giving us a continuing advantage for years to come.”

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