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U.S. self-driving truck technology company, Plus, has selected BlackBerry QNX technology for the global commercial deployment of the company’s automated driving system for Class 8, heavy-duty trucks. Plus is the first automated truck developer to use BlackBerry QNX technology for its self-driving systems.

They are expected to be commercialized and deployed by Plus and FAW, China’s largest heavy-duty truck maker, beginning in 2021. Plus also plans to deploy thousands of intelligent, automated trucks in the U.S. in the next two years.

Plus is currently working with some of the leading truck manufacturers, largest shippers, and top fleet operators to begin mass production of its automated driving system.

Shawn Kerrigan, COO and co-founder, Plus, says: “Self-driving systems consist of the most complex and powerful software and hardware to go into a Class 8 truck. Every technology choice we make has to contribute to the overall safety and security of heavy-duty trucks integrated with the Plus automated driving system. The operating system is an important foundation for the rest of the system. Our engineering team has done an exceptional job in completing the transition to the industry’s highest standard of safety-certified technology as we move from product development to commercial deployment.”

John Wall, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of BlackBerry Technology Solutions, adds: “BlackBerry QNX provides both commercial and personal autonomous vehicle developers with operating systems that meet the highest safety, reliability and security standards. We are thrilled to support the commercialization of automated trucks and to work with the Plus team to advance the global deployment of its automated trucking system. Self-driving trucks will have a revolutionary impact on the logistics industry and it is exciting to contribute to making that future possible.”

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, the company was founded in 2016 by a group of serial entrepreneurs and industry veterans, each with over 20 years of experience in high tech and artificial intelligence. Plus specializes in providing full-stack self-driving technology to enable large scale autonomous commercial transport.

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