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NIO has announced the launch of its 100 kWh battery together with battery upgrade plans. Powered by the new battery, NIO’s range of models can now reach up to 615 km. 

NIO models with the 100 kWh battery will be available for pre-order starting November 7th, 2020.

The Chinese EV maker had already launched a battery as a service (BaaS) subscriber solution for its 70 kWh battery. Users who choose a NIO model with BaaS do not need to buy the battery, instead, they can subscribe to batteries of different capacity and pay the battery fee on a monthly basis in accordance with their actual needs. 

In a press statement, the company says: ‘NIO’s unique service system with vehicle-battery separation and battery subscription enabled by chargeable, swappable and upgradable batteries is a breakthrough innovation in both technology and business model, which has increasingly converted more premium-fuel vehicle users to opt for NIO. The battery upgrade plan benefits all NIO users and further strengthens the competitiveness of NIO’s service experience’.

In August, battery asset company, Weineng Wuhan Battery Asset Co., Ltd., initiated by NIO, CATL, Hubei Science Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited, was officially registered and established. 

NIO has already deployed 158 battery swap stations in China.

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