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European micro-mobility operator, TIER, has committed to adding sound to its vehicles to alert blind and partially sighted people of their approach. The company will design the new feature and roll it out across its fleet in 2021.

The sound will complement TIER’s existing technology, which slows vehicles to a halt in areas where riding is forbidden. 

TIER says it hopes that it can raise safety standards and help to build confidence among visually impaired pedestrians when it comes to e-scooters being on the road

Fred Jones, TIER’s UK General Manager, says: “E-scooters offer lots of benefits to UK cities, but they must be introduced in a considered way, working in harmony with local communities and accounting for the concerns of people with visual impairment. 

He adds: “At TIER, rather than just paying lip service to visually impaired people, we want to work with them to deliver real action to address their concerns.”

TIER Mobility operates in 60+ cities in 9 countries. The company is headquartered in Berlin and employs about 500 people. 

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