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XPeng Inc., a leading Chinese smart electric vehicle company, has unveiled its newly developed cutting-edge autonomous driving and in-car smart features at its 2nd annual Tech Day.

XPeng’s autonomous driving system, XPILOT 3.0, planned for release in the first quarter of 2021, will provide Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) for highways and memory auto parking for car parks.

The NGP highway solution enables autonomous driving from point A to point B. It will be available on all of China’s major highways with high-precision digital maps.

XinZhou Wu, Vice President of Autonomous Driving at XPeng, says: “Our core competitive advantage is our end-to-end in-house developed software for autonomous driving. In the past few years, we have developed a full range of self-developed R&D and implemented these advanced technologies into our models. There are only two auto makers in the world that have end-to-end autonomous driving capabilities and XPeng is one of them.”

Xpeng has also introduced another update of its Xmart OS operating system with the world’s first All Voice In-car System, able to deliver the majority of in-car functions. The updated system is the world’s first in-car voice system that responds to continuous driver-vehicle dialogues and is able to execute 10 voice commands every 25 seconds.

“Driver-vehicle interaction technology has evolved from physical buttons to touch screens, to today’s voice commands,” comments Ji YU, Vice President of Internet at XPeng.

“2020 to 2022 is a period of gaining significant momentum for the Smart EV sector which will rapidly accelerate from 2023 to 2025 and a create massive disruption to traditional ICE vehicles,” says He Xiaopeng, Chairman & CEO of XPeng.

“End-to-end R&D, data-driven capabilities and fast growth are three initiatives needed for a company to gain long-term competitive advantages and dominant market share,” Chairman He adds.

XPeng is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, and San Diego. 

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