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Electrify America has announced the launch of Electrify Commercial, a new business unit designed to deliver turn-key electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to utilities, fleet owners and operators, government entities and businesses seeking to manage their own network of chargers.

Backed by experience gained from building the nation’s largest open DC fast charging network, Electrify Commercial is uniquely positioned to support its customers in the planning, procurement, execution, operation, and optimization of electric vehicle charging stations.

The new business unit helps business-to-business (B2B) customers – including utility companies, fleet operators, automotive manufacturers, real estate developers, property owners, retailors and government entities – formulate and deploy a strategy tailored to their specific EV charging needs. Electrify Commercial’s comprehensive suite of services is designed to support B2B clients’ charging needs at any speed, resulting in a seamless experience for both station operators and EV drivers.

“As Electrify America works to expand the availability of electric vehicle public charging solutions, we have recognized a growing demand for c­ustom charging solutions in the B2B sector,” said Rachel Moses, director, commercial services at Electrify America. “We are excited to introduce Electrify Commercial to fulfill this need, providing the full power of our charging expertise to businesses that prioritize electrification.”

Electrify Commercial will offer customers a wide array of services to make the transition to electrification easy, providing a customized EV charging program tailored to fit the needs of the client, including site acquisition and development, the latest technology to handle Level 2 AC to 350kW DC charging and monitoring with in-depth asset management.

The launch of Electrify Commercial reflects Electrify America’s forward-thinking approach to meet the growing demand for customized charging solutions across public and private sectors. The range and scale of services provided by the new entity introduce a unique opportunity for businesses that is unparalleled in the industry today.

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