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The Groupe Renault eWays event – running from 15th to 27th October – is a look to the future of electric mobility, cities and technology, featuring significant world premieres and panel discussions based on the Groupe’s extensive experience in electric vehicles.

Dacia has revolutionised the new car market with its economic model and existing range of vehicles. The Logan democratised the new car in 2004, the Duster has shaken up the SUV segment, and the Sandero is the best-selling car on the European retail market, and has just been revamped to further enhance its appeal.

Dacia is now writing a new chapter in its history with the unveiling of its first all-electric model. The Dacia Spring Electric concept car was first shown in March 2020, marking Dacia’s arrival on the electric city car market.

Now, Dacia has revealed the full production version of the Spring Electric, however it will not be available in the UK. Two new options will be available in continental Europe for use across different mobility reasons: a version for car-sharing for shared electric urban mobility, and a cargo utility vehicle, for last-mile deliveries with no tailpipe emissions.

The Spring is a revolution: as the lowest-priced electric city car on the European market, it makes electric mobility even more accessible. With its disruptive SUV design, it boasts a spacious cabin, a simple and reliable electric engine and a reassuring driving range. It is a versatile and practical city car.

Electric mobility is gradually becoming part of our daily lives and, as pioneers in this area, Groupe Renault and the Alliance have acquired ten years of unique experience. In Europe, one in five electric cars is produced by Groupe Renault, while more than 30,000 employees are trained in the specifics of electric mobility.

Dacia is adapting electric mobility to its philosophy of offering a contemporary car that meets essential needs: The Spring is a small, spacious, robust electric car offered at an unbeatable price.

Denis Le Vot, member of Groupe Renault Executive Committee, said: “The Dacia brand is about redefining the essential. We are known in the car industry for our different revolutions, first with the Logan and then with the Duster which made the SUV accessible for all. Today, this is Dacia’s third revolution and its name is Dacia Spring. The Dacia Spring will make inroads into three distinct markets: retail market, car-sharing with numerous car-sharer operators throughout Europe and on the last-mile delivery with its cargo version. Cool and trendy, the Dacia Spring will change the game as an affordable electric mobility solution for all.”

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