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After a year of uncertainty, for both the business and its drivers, Uber has won an important legal battle with Transport for London (TfL) to continue operating within the capital. 

The ride-hailing juggernaut will soon be granted with a new licence after its appeal was upheld by a judge, following TfL’s rejection to its extension application due to safety concerns. 

This is great news for the approximately 45,000 drivers who rely on the service in the city of London, not to mention the millions of people who use it on a daily basis. 

Prior to this, Uber was granted a two-month licence before its additional extension request was rejected by TfL due to breaches of passenger safety surrounding unauthorised driver photographs. During the court hearing, it was stated that 24 drivers shared accounts with 20 others, leading to nearly 15,000 rides. 

However, the court came to the conclusion that Uber was now operating in the correct manner. Now the attention turns to the length of the new licence granted to Uber and the new rules implemented. For now, Uber is here to stay. 

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