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Honda has announced an overview of Honda and Acura exhibits for the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, which will take place in Beijing, China on September 26. 

The Honda exhibit at its automobile booth will include the world premiere of a concept car indicating the direction of the future mass-production model of the Honda brand’s first EV to be introduced in China. The tease shots reveal that this model will not follow the same retro path as the brand’s ‘E’ supermini. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the follow up to E supermini will not be coming to Europe, as the automaker focuses on Asian markets. 

The Honda automobile exhibit also will include the CR-V PHEV, the first Honda vehicle equipped with a plug-in hybrid system to be introduced in China, various types of electrified models, as well as all-new mass-production models.

The Acura booth will showcase various mass-production models while Honda motorcycle booth will mainly exhibit Honda’s FUN motorcycle models.


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