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When the HYRAZE League is launched in 2023, it will be the world’s first automobile racing series to use environmentally-produced hydrogen as its energy source. It marks the birth of a virtually zero-emission, safe and sustainable form of motorsport, offering state-of-the-art entertainment.

The use of cutting-edge technology means there is no need for there to be any conflict between action-packed motorsport, the conservation of resources and safety in the HYRAZE League. The races will be held with 800-hp hydrogen cars. The energy for the zero-emission drivetrain is provided by green hydrogen, which is converted into electricity in the car’s two fuel cells, before being transported to the four electric motors. ADAC e.V., DEKRA SE, DMSB e.V., HWA AG, Schaeffler AG and WESA joined forces to present a future-oriented concept for sustainable motorsport at a project presentation in Stuttgart.

The HYRAZE League is breaking new ground, and not only in terms of the drivetrain concept. The braking system in the four-wheel drive cars will also be the only one of its type in international motor racing. Any brake dust produced does not simply make its way unchecked into the environment, but is captured in the car and disposed of in an environmentally neutral manner afterwards. Special tyres developed from renewable raw materials also reduce tyre wear. Together with a strictly limited number of tyres, this significantly reduces the amount of fine dust pollution.

The new technology also has a major advantage for the racing drivers: the energy concept, which is optimised for sprint races, allows them to use the car’s maximum performance for the full race distance without any limitations. The ability to rapidly fill both tanks during a race – a fundamental advantage of hydrogen technology over electric-battery driven cars – means the races can be extended to endurance distances at any time.

Hermann Tomczyk, ADAC Sports President, said: “With an innovative concept, the HYRAZE League combines future-oriented technology with sim racing, which is rapidly gaining in significance. We were immediately impressed by the visionary concept of the HYRAZE League. The combination of actual motor racing with multifaceted new technologies and Esports will achieve a new relevance for motorsport.”

“The HYRAZE League is a genuine pioneering step in the world of motorsport and will allow a broad target group to experience fascinating, future-oriented technology. As one of the biggest organisers of motorsport events in Europe, we support innovative new formats and are happy to take on the challenge of shaping the motorsport of the future with the HYRAZE League.”

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