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In the midst of overcrowded cities, individual mobility can be a hassle. That’s why light electric two wheelers, rather than electric cars, are the solution for more relaxed driving. The Munich e-mobility startup BlackTea sees in electric motorbikes the possibility to inspire people to ride on two wheels.

BlackTea was founded by Viktor during his studies at the Technical University Munich. He was always fascinated by the coolness of motorbikes & the thrill of the acceleration. However, he noticed that there is no appealing & affordable electric motorbike alternative. The market is flooded with electric sit-down scooters in Vespa Style which are not an option for thrill seekers like him.

So, he decided to build his own electric motorbike in the Maker-Space. He is driven by the thought that everything can be done better & by the philosophy to inspire people through emotions. Within six months he was able to finish the prototype, set up a landing page & prepares now the product launch on Indiegogo for legal street use in Europe & the US.

The first model, BlackTea Moped, is inspired by 70’s Scramblers to offer optimal handling both on streets & gravel roads making it a real adventure machine. The clean and quiet characteristics of the bike offer new possibilities without disturbing the environment. The lightness and simplicity invite new target groups with less experience to use it but the bike is already popular by thrill seekers, commuters and hipsters.

With 5 kW peak performance, 80 km/h top speed & 70 km range, it is perfect for commuting & outdoor trips. The removable battery can be charged at home & it is possible to double the range with a second battery. The bikes are designed with easily interchangeable motorbike parts, giving people the option to modify their bike their own personal way. In Europe, it only requires a car driving license.

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