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The Japanese start-up Cocoa Motors. Inc., has started the worldwide sale of a vehicle users can carry with them in a bag, dubbed WALKCAR. It is a small and light weighing only 2.9 kg and is the size of a laptop PC.

It achieves a speed of up to 16 km/hour along with safety features like an automatic stopping function. Since the product was announced in 2016, WALKCAR has received a total of approximately 7,800 pre-orders from 13 countries around the world. The product has been under development for the past four years. 

The vehicle height is just 74mm above the ground (about the width of a smartphone). The flat and square standing surface allows you to step off instantly in any direction safely.


In a press statement the company says: ‘A special motor for WALKCAR has been developed after five years of pursuit. The body is wholly integrated through welding that reduced the space for screws and maximized the coil space to the extreme. It drives at a speed of bicycles at 16km/h and can drive up slopes of up to 10 degrees’.

It adds: ‘The four sensors installed inside the standing surface lets you control the basic manoeuvre based on you shifting your weight to accelerate, deaccelerate, and turn without using a handle or a remote controller. Also, it automatically stops at your footstep when you get off from the WALKCAR’.

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The WALKCAR costs 245,800 Yen, that’s around 2,000 Euros.

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