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Ford’s micro-mobility unit, Spin, has announced plans to become carbon negative by 2025. This program includes initiatives for electrified operations and the use of renewable power.

As part of the plan, Spin will adopt Ford’s cleaner fleet vehicles for the deployment of its micromobility operations in Europe starting in 2021 and in the U.S. in 2022, with 100 percent adoption across all Spin markets by 2025.

It will also transition to 100 percent renewable energy for its vehicle recharging.

In a blog, Shivam Vohra, Senior Program Manager of Sustainability Initiatives, writes: ‘Using an electric vehicle is not enough to make a trip sustainable. We must also look at the energy sources for charging our batteries, which often include fossil fuels. While the power used for recharging Spin scooters is likely only a small fraction of our carbon footprint, transitioning away from coal and other fossil fuels for electricity is still an important step for us at Spin and an opportunity to lead by example in the communities we live in and serve’.

Spin also says it will use Ford’s expertise to manufacture replacement parts with greener materials.

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