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Micromobility manufacturer LINK has received approval from the Department for Transport for its e-scooter technology, and plans an immediate expansion to the UK after successful launches in several US cities. Specifically designed for shared use, LINK e-scooters raise the bar for safety, compliance and sustainability as UK cities, towns and regions initiate e-scooter trials.

LINK’s e-scooter is the safest and most advanced available anywhere in the world owing to its Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS). The VIS monitors the entire vehicle in real-time – including a self-diagnostic check before each ride – and proactively averting issues that could pose a safety risk.

Micromobility shows great potential for reducing private car travel across the UK. According to a recent study, up to 60% of short trips could be taken by e-scooter, e-bike, or bicycle, resulting in less traffic congestion and better air quality. However promising, the micromobility industry has been held back by vehicles that can’t stand up to sustained shared use.

In contrast, LINK put the vehicle first, investing 6 years in designing and testing an e-scooter robust enough and intelligent enough to meet the needs of cities and riders while reducing the cost of operating a shared fleet. LINK places collaboration with local authorities at the heart of its operations and is committed to helping them harness this critical tool for decarbonizing transport.

LINK’s scooter has 10” wheels, wide handlebars, a low center of gravity, and is designed to accommodate a wide range of rider sizes and abilities.

In addition, LINK’s proprietary Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS) works like an oracle, monitoring the entire vehicle in real-time – including a self-diagnostic check before each ride and automatic resolution of potential safety issues.

The scooters store maps onboard, enabling geofence enforcement in less than 1 second to avert non-compliant riding and parking. Each e-scooter has been subject to 67 different tests, including riding over cobblestones, up and down hills, submerging vehicles in water, and stressing the battery and brakes

LINK e-scooters last more than 2,500 rides, compared to an industry average of just 500; and can travel up to 55 miles on a single charge compared to an industry average of 25 miles.

“LINK is a new chapter of micromobility, combining industry-leading operations with our intelligent e-scooters. We’re excited to bring smart e-scooters to riders in the UK to build on our successful launches in the United States.” said Assaf Biderman, CEO of LINK.
“Micromobility has great potential to transform how Brits move” says Ms. Haya Verwoord Douidri, Vice President of EMEA of LINK “We are excited to bring the safest e-scooters to the UK. Helping people get back outside, safely, is now more important than ever.”

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