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Britishvolt has announced a collaboration with Italian design house Pininfarina, to build the UK’s first large-scale battery gigaplant in Wales. Pininfarina will ensure that Britishvolt’s gigaplant is both sustainable and an elegant representation of the future of the UK’s automotive industry.

The battery gigaplant is to be built at the former RAF base of Bro Tathan in Wales.

Orral Nadjari, CEO and Founder at Britishvolt says: “We are honoured to collaborate with world-renowned design powerhouse Pininfarina, to create our landmark gigaplant. At Britishvolt, we believe in prioritising an innovative design to match the future quality of our lithium ion cells. With Pininfarina bringing the full force of its elegance and heritage in automotive design to architecture, we believe we can accomplish this desire.”

He adds: “Britishvolt’s aim to become the world’s first zero carbon battery manufacturer aligns perfectly with Pininfarina’s expertise in creating green, high tech and innovative environments. With carefully selected sustainable materials that take into account the entire building’s life cycle, Pininfarina’s appreciation of social impact is what drew us to this partnership. Their balance between pioneering design and understanding of local culture, is one Britishvolt is proud to take forward.”

Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO at Pininfarina, comments: “We are proud to collaborate with Britishvolt on such an ambitious project, thus contributing towards creating the UK’s largest battery manufacturing facility, and advancing the evolution of e-mobility. Our focus has always been on combining timeless design with social and environmental sustainability, both in automotive design and architecture. Sustainable design is no longer an option to consider down the line, it’s a necessary commitment to create social and economic value for future generations.”

To read our full interview with Orral Nadjari, click on the link.

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