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Joe Hinrichs, former Chief Operating Officer for the Ford Motor Company, will join the board of Wavesense, a Massachusetts startup developing radar technology for self-driving vehicles. 

In his previous role, Hinrichs oversaw Ford’s global automotive business, including the global business units of North America, South America, China, Europe, and the International Markets Group. Hinrichs also oversaw both the Ford and Lincoln brands. 

Following a huge shakeup in the automaker’s management, Hinrichs was forced to retire and make way for a new wave of executives who are focused on new verticles such as electrification and connectivity. 

This is a huge addition for Wavesense, which recently recruited General Motors Chief Financial Officier Chuck Stevens and Continental Chief Technical Officer Kurt Lehmann.

Wavesense tests ‘ground-penetrating’ radar technology with global automakers, helping them map below ground and identifying a vehicle’s location. In addition, the startup is also developing a new system that will help autonomous vehicles operate within large parking structures. 

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