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So much has changed around the world during the recording of this season’s Auto Futures Podcast. 

Although we prepared to discuss current trends and hot topics, we could not plan for the arrival of a global pandemic, which has rocked the world. 

In fact, things quickly changed after the first episode, as we were forced to record the following nine episodes virtually. 

Despite these challenges, we have experienced our best season yet, speaking with some fantastic names from innovative companies around the world to talk about the challenges and opportunities the industry is facing. 

To wrap up, Alex, Ben and Chris regroup and reflect on the main talking points in a special episode to bring season 3 to an end. 

Lastly, we want to thank all of our guests for taking the time to speak with us and our partners at Boston Consulting Group who have made season 3 possible. 

Season 4 will be back soon!

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