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Marin Transit and the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) have partnered with Uber to offer Connect2Transit, a new program offering an integrated suite of on-demand mobility
services to help people move around Marin County. Starting July 1, 2020, people in Marin County will have access to a range of new on demand services through the Uber app, provided by both TAM and Marin Transit. Uber users will soon see a new shared ride transit option in the app known as Marin Connect.

This service is provided by Marin Transit using fully accessible vehicles with transit drivers.
TAM will be offering Uber riders fare discounts for shared-ride trips to and from Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) stations in Marin County, major bus stops, and the Larkspur Ferry Terminal. TAM will also be partnering with local employers and the business community to provide additional mobility options for employee commute programs to provide additional mobility options. The app will also offer real-time transit departure information, so you can compare your trip request to see if other shared ride options—including local bus, regional Golden Gate Transit bus service, or SMART rail service—are more attractive.

This innovative new partnership will allow Marin Transit and TAM’s existing programs to expand coverage and accessibility. The new service area will cover roughly 2.5 square miles from all six Marin commuter rail SMART stations. This expansion will create new accessible, on-demand, shared-ride opportunities for those in Marin who have challenges with first/last mile connections or finding wheelchair equipped vehicles. These changes will allow Marin Transit to expand new accessible, sameday mobility options for seniors and riders with disabilities.

“The new project with Uber and TAM is a unique public-private partnership that allows transit riders to book fully accessible, shared-ride services directly within the Uber app to and from local and regional bus, rail and ferry services in Marin County. We are especially excited to expand on-demand access for older adults and those with disabilities in Marin County that need wheelchair accessible vehicles or drivers that offer additional support to riders,” says Marin Transit General Manager Nancy Whelan.

“This is an exciting partnership that brings together existing mobility options in Marin together and expands on-demand solutions in the county. This program will help bridge the gap for the first/last mile between transit and work and between transit and home as well as provide options to partner with local employers and the business community to address employee commutes. Integrating the mobility choices under one roof will help our residents know their travel options and choose what works best,” states TAM Executive Director Anne Richman.

“This is a proud moment as we partner with TAM and Marin Transit to bring efficient, accessible, and equitable on-demand public transportation to the region. This is a historic first for Uber and Marin, as we leverage the technology and Uber App we’ve built to power billions of seamless Uber trips to power Marin Connect.” said David Reich, Head of Uber Transit. “TAM and Marin Transit’s forward-thinking vision of mobility will provide enhanced service to their community, in partnership with Uber.”

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