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A new $4.3 billion Las Vegas resort has submitted plans for a proposed passenger station and tunnel that would connect to the Las Vegas Convention Center campus via Elon Musk’s The Boring Company’s transportation system.

This new tunnel project would transport passengers between the new Resorts World Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) via underground tunnels in all-electric Tesla vehicles in under just two minutes.  

Scott Sibella, President of Resorts World Las Vegas, says: “The proposed Resorts World Las Vegas passenger station would provide convention guests and visitors with a rapid and seamless experience between the Las Vegas Convention Center and Resorts World Las Vegas. Convention guests would no longer have to worry about long walks or gridlock traffic around the convention center – they could take the transportation system to Resorts World Las Vegas for lunch, meetings, or personal appointments, and be back to their conference or expo in minutes.”

Her adds: “This innovative transportation system is a perfect match for Resorts World Las Vegas as we design our resort to be at the forefront of progressive technology.”

Currently under construction, the LVCC Loop is an underground public transportation system that will transport passengers in all-electric Tesla vehicles between the Convention Center’s exhibition halls.

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