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U.S. AV start-up Voyage is teaming up with FCA to accelerate the development of fully driverless cars. Its self-driving technology has been integrated into a purpose-built Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, developed specifically by FCA.

As part of this collaboration, Voyage and FCA will jointly adapt and validate the connections between the self-driving software, sensors, and embedded systems.

Writing in a blog, Oliver Cameron, Co-founder and CEO of Voyage, says: “At Voyage, we are focused on enabling driverless transportation for the people who need it most. By integrating our self-driving technology with FCA’s AV-Ready Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, Voyage has all the pieces in place to deliver on the promise of self-driving cars. We begin within our communities in California and Florida and will expand from there so that one day, anyone in need will be able to summon a Voyage.”

He adds: “This new partnership delivers on AV-specific design requirements, such as safety-critical steering and braking systems, as well as fail-safe power systems to run the sensors and software.”

In 2019, Voyage completed a $31 million Series B fundraising round, with significant participation from Jaguar Land-Rover’s InMotion Ventures and Chevron Technology Ventures. It brings the total capital raised by Voyage to $52 million.

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