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The newly signed contract between four companies Ruter, Holo, Toyota Motor Europe and Sensible 4 has paved the way for Toyota vehicles retrofitted with Sensible 4’s autonomous driving software to be deployed in the next phase of Ruter’s self-driving vehicle trials.

Sensible 4 brings its all-weather autonomous driving system to the Norwegian pilot with
Toyota vehicles. In a new collaboration between the partners, the aim is to launch a new
service in Nordre Follo municipality, in the greater Oslo area this autumn.

“We believe the future of transportation will be autonomous and shared. This project with Ruter, Holo, Toyota Motor Europe and Sensible 4 enables self-driving cars to become a part of public transportation,” said Sensible 4 CEO, Harri Santamala. “We expect that together we can provide a smarter and more sustainable transportation form to people in their everyday life.”

Challenging weather conditions like snow, rain and fog is usually a big problem for self-driving cars. But Sensible 4’s software solution enables self-driving in all weather conditions and environments, which is crucial for the harsh Scandinavian climate.

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The purpose of the self-driving vehicle trials is to explore ways to integrate autonomous
vehicles into Ruter’s public transport service and provide new mobility services. Having
already established two autonomous shuttle routes in Oslo, the focus is now being shifted to suburban environments outside the city itself – more precisely towards the town of Ski in Nordre Follo municipality.

Ruter, the public transportation authority for Oslo, and mobility company Holo
commenced their first trials of self-driving public transport in Oslo last year. Holo is Europe’s leading operator of self-driving vehicles, having conducted pilot projects in five different countries. Holo is responsible for the daily operations of Ruter’s autonomous vehicle trials.

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