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Triton Solar, a New Jersey-based technology company, is launching its first EV SUV – Triton Model H, an eight-seater electric SUV.

The project has been ongoing for the last 18 months, and the CEO of Triton Solar, Himanshu Patel, recently mentioned the same in a press release two months back. Things have been serious in the last 12 months since the official beginning of the project within the Triton Solar team, along with the announcement of multiple international partnerships for the same.

Triton Model H is a premium electric SUV designed to comfortably accommodate eight people, along with 200 cubic feet of luggage space. It comes standard with a 200 kWh Triton Solar battery pack, which is a proprietary technology of Triton Solar. The Triton Model H will have a single-charge range of up to 700 miles+.

Triton promises 1500 hp to the wheels, which allows the SUV to carry and pull heavy loads without compromising the driving comfort. It’s a four-wheel-drive quad motor vehicle with an impressive acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

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