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Finland’s Sensible 4 has begun a pilot that tests a fleet of three self-driving vehicles in the city of Helsinki. It features three different types of vehicle – the GACHA, an autonomous shuttle bus designed by MUJI, a minibus owned by the Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Co. and a Renault Twizy. All three have been fitted with Sensible 4’s autonomous driving software.

The pilot, which is part of the EU funded FABULOS-project, aims to research the feasibilities of autonomous driving in a public transportation network.

Jari Saarinen, Chief Technology Officer at Sensible 4, says: Self-driving fleet operations on public roads in urban areas are really demanding for any autonomous technology. We will learn a lot during these 50 days of the Helsinki-pilot, and this, of course, is for the benefit of our customers.

Renske Martijnse-Hartikka, FABULOS Project Coordinator from Forum Virium Helsinki, adds: We are looking forward to seeing the solution of Sensible 4 in real-life on the streets of Helsinki. The FABULOS project was initiated because we believe autonomous shared mobility can make a big contribution to a more efficient and sustainable urban mobility system. It is exciting to see if the technology is ready for wide take-up.”

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, the pilot will begin without passengers for safety reasons.

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