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U.S. start-up Nuro has received permission by the State of California to test its self-driving vehicles on public roads. It is only the second driverless testing permit the State has granted any company.

The permit allows Nuro to test its R2 delivery vehicles, in service with its partners. It will begin testing in the Silicon Valley region. Nuro has already begun testing its R2 vehicles in Houston, Texas.

Alphabet’s Waymo was the first group to receive a permit from California to test its autonomous cars.

Writing in a blog, Nuro’s Chief Legal and Policy officer, David Estrada, says: “We have always believed in the transformative power of autonomous vehicles, and in the climate of COVID-19 we understand their potential even more deeply. Putting our driverless R2 delivery vehicles on the road in California will be an important first for our company and the self-driving industry. But it is just a glimmer of what is to come.”

Nuro’s retail partners include Walmart, Kroger and Domino’s pizzas.

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