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Ford is rolling out ‘No Touch’ servicing in Europe to ensure that cars and vans are thoroughly sanitised before being returned to their owners after repairs.

Although many Ford dealership are now temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, many workshops have remained open, even in countries worst hit by the outbreak. This includes Italy, where the initiative was first introduced in February.

For the service, drivers wear disposable gloves and vehicle keys are sanitised as well as the interior. The steering wheel, gear stick and driver’s seat are all protected using disposable plastic covers that are removed when the vehicle is returned to the customer.

Included as part of the service is a video check that enables customers to clearly see and approve the work that is recommended.

Massimo Pasanisi, Sales Director, Ford of Europe, says: “We know there still are delivery drivers who might be shopping or dropping off essential supplies to elderly relatives. ‘No Touch; servicing provides customers the reassurance they can get necessary vehicle work completed with the peace of mind that their vehicle is sanitised afterwards.”

Video Check

Ford’s ‘No Touch’ servicing has rolled out in countries including: Belgium; France; Spain and the UK. It will be extended throughout Europe this month.

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