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Aston Martin has revealed details of its in-house designed V6 hybrid engine. It has ben created for deployment in a new range of sportscars, starting with the Aston Martin Valhalla from 2022.

The 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 will feature a electrified powertrain. It’s the UK luxury brand’s first in-house designed engine since 1968 and is called the TM01.

Aston Martin says it’s also developing a new range of hybrid systems that will ensure the complete unit becomes the most poweful in the brand’s tnage when on sale.

Aston Martin President and Group CEO, Andy Palmer, says: “Investing in your own powertrains is a tall order, but our teams have risen to the challenge. Moving forward, this power unit will be integral to a lot if what we do and the first signs of what this engine will achieve are incredibly promising.”

Joerg Ross, Powertrain Chief Engineer, adds: “This project has been a great challenge from the start. Putting a team together to deliver what is going to be the future power of Aston Martin has been an honour. From the very beginning, we have had the freedom to explore and innovate in a way that we have not been able to do so in a very long time.”


Aston Martin Lagonda designs, create and exports cars which are sold in 54 countries around the world.

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