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Volkswagen’s car-to-everything (C2X) communication system has become the first technology to be rewarded by Euro NCAP in nearly six years. The technology, fitted as standard to the Golf 8 and to future ID models, allows cars to communicate with each other and with properly equipped road infrastructure and emergency vehicles to give the driver advanced warning of local safety hazards.

Using ITS-G5 technology, cars equipped with the system can transmit a signal to others if they have broken down or have stopped suddenly and present a safety risk. 

Secretary General of Euro NCAP, Michiel van Ratingen, says: “This is an exciting area of safety and one which offers the potential to help road users who have, so far, been difficult to protect, like motorcyclists.  It is already on Euro NCAP’s roadmap but its full potential will not be realised until many vehicles are equipped with a compatible system, along with roadside hazards.”

He adds: “Volkswagen are to be congratulated for making the technology standard on high-selling vehicles like the Golf.”

Other manufacturers are also considering equipping their vehicles with VW‘s TS-G5 technology. In time, it may be possible for drivers to receive advance warning of motorcycles and tractors.

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