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Swedish electric motorbike manufacturer CAKE has launched a cheaper off-road performance vehicle named the Kalk INK. 

This off-road electric motorcycle is an iteration of the Kalk OR platform and provides riders with a fast, hassle-free and thrilling backcountry experience that does not pollute or disturb the natural environment.

“Inspiring more people to experience the snappy and responsive feeling of flying through the woods without disturbing or polluting is exciting. Until now, exploring the backcountry with respect toward mother nature, wildlife, and fellow outdoor practitioners has been a utopia,” said Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE. “That, together with building a track in one’s own backyard, or simply getting out there on a trail with fellow riders and being able to chat, are a few things emphasizing the opposites of what traditional motorcycling has always been. On our side, being able to mix these aspects of responsibility and excitement is rewarding.”

Kalk INK is based on the technology developed for the performance-oriented Kalk OR, featuring the same powerful drivetrain, battery, and robust 6061 aluminum frame/swingarm. Just like Kalk OR, Kalk INK is also strongly influenced by downhill and enduro mountain bikes, in both its ride feel as well as its handling characteristics. While the Kalk OR is designed as a feather-light, precision-oriented motorbike delivering uncompromised off-road performance, the Kalk INK is purpose-built for silent and uncomplicated free-riding through the backcountry and beyond.

The top speed is around 50mph with a ride time of up to 3 hours.

The Kalk INK retails for a respectable $9500 and will be available direct to consumers via starting June 1, 2020. Previous models from CAKE cost around $16,000.

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