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Munich-based Sono Motors GmbH has chosen Finland’s Valoe as a supply partner for solar solutions for its self-charging electric vehicles.

Earlier this year Sono Motors successfully completed a fundraising campaign to finance the company and help develop the Sion – its first solar electric vehicle (SEV)

Mathieu Baudrit Director Exterior, Closures and VIPV of Sono Motors, says: “The Valoe technology enables the seamless integration of solar cells into the body of the car’s surfaces. The exterior of the Sion is entirely covered with solar panels embedded in lightweight car body parts. The dark, almost invisible Valoe´s IBC cells meet aesthetic and wear resistance requirements and efficiently generate electricity from the sun to the battery. On a sunny day, the car’s surface modules generate an additional range of up to 34 km completely free of emission and free of charge.”

Iikka Saviisalo, Valoe’s CEO, adds: “The partnership with Sono Motors is a great victory for Valoe. Two years of Technology Cooperation created very positive results. Sono Motors is a Pioneer and an Innovator related to the utilization of Solar Electricity within the car manufacturing industry. Now, Sono Motors is convinced about the advantages of Valoe Odd-Form Module Technology.”

Credit: Sono Motors

Sono Motors is to manufacture the Sion in the former SAAB factory in Trollhättan, Sweden. It already has more than 10,000 pre-orders for the Sion. 

Valoe Corporation specializes in the clean energy solutions and is headquartered in Mikkeli, Finland.

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