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Hyundai Motor says it’s going to triple the availability of its Kona Electric for its European customers. Starting in March 2020, the company will introduce the Kona Electric in its Czech manufacturing plant, as well as increasing existing supply from its Ulsan plant in South Korea. This will reduce delivery times for customers in Europe.

For 2020, Hyundai is set to provide over 80,000 units of zero-emission vehicles to European customers, including Kona Electric, IONIQ Electric and the NEXO fuel cell car.

This development could make it the biggest provider of zero-emission vehicles in Europe in 2020.

Dong Woo Choi, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe HQ, says: “We are listening to our customers and have made this decision in order to meet the growing demand for our electric vehicles. With more and more people becoming concerned about the impact of their choice of car on the environment, we see a huge potential for EVs in the European market. This reflects our progressive mindset and will reinforce our position as a leader in future mobility.”

The Kona Electric went on sale in 2018. 

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