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With exception to the utterly-fantastic Porsche Taycan, the Aston Martin Rapide-E was by far my most anticipated electric performance vehicle. All of the style, enjoyment and performance you would expect with the British brand, coupled with the benefits that come with electrification. For me, it was the pinnacle of modern motoring. 

However, it seems that Aston Martin is looking to pull the plug on its highly-anticipated EV programme. Ironically after launching its production version at the Shanghai Auto Show last year. This is due to the company’s financial troubles, needing approximately £500 million to stay afloat. According to multiple sources, Geely is mulling an investment offer. 

We first got a glimpse of the Rapide-E back in 2015, before Aston Martin began to work with Williams Advanced Engineering on an all-electric drivetrain. With F1 experts on board, it looked to be a match made in heaven. But here we are, a year down the line with the end in sight.

According to reports, the company will transition the project into a research programme for electrification as it is far too costly for them. And, if these rumours are true, Aston Martin will have no intention of exploring the idea of EVs under the iconic British wings going forward. 

So say goodbye to the planned 155 performance EVs, which may never see the light of day.

Long live the Rapide-E.

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