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The City of Oakland’s Department of Transportation (OakDOT) and shared electric vehicle company Revel has announced the launch of Oakland’s first shared all-electric moped fleet, as part of the City’s Car Sharing permit programme. Revel will operate a fleet of 1,000 vehicles, which are currently being placed on Oakland streets. The mopeds will be available to rent for licensed drivers over the age of 21 who pass an initial safe driving record check.
Oakland will be Revel’s first market on the West Coast, and Revel’s service area will cover the entire city.

“OakDOT is excited to add this new service to our expanding suite of shared mobility options,” said OakDOT Director Ryan Russo. “In 2017, Oakland and Berkeley launched the first multi-jurisdictional, free-floating car share programme in the country, allowing users to rent and park vehicles at any legal parking space within the service area. Today, we add a second operator to that programme, offering a space efficient and sustainable electric vehicle. This affordable new transportation option will be available through the entire City, helping OakDOT to achieve our goal of equitable access to shared mobility services. Our surveys show that services such as shared mopeds can help Oaklanders access jobs, grocery stores, transit and more, without the burden of private vehicle ownership.”

“Revel is excited to serve every neighborhood across Oakland, giving residents from Rockridge to East Oakland a fun and efficient new way to get around,” said Frank Reig, CEO and co-founder of Revel. “We’ve worked closely with the Oakland Department of Transportation to ensure our system will meet the city’s needs and help Oakland move towards its emissions reduction goals, and we look forward to building on this partnership.”

As part of its commitment to Oakland, Revel will create over 30 new jobs with benefits. Revel will also operate its Access programme in Oakland, allowing riders who are eligible for or actively participating in any local, state, or federal assistance programmes to receive a 40 percent discount on rides. Active military personnel and veterans will also be eligible to receive a 20 percent discount on rides.

Under the City’s car share programme, users of Revel and other free-floating car share services can unlock and park their vehicle in any legal parking space within the operator’s service area, including in Residential Parking Permit (RPP) zones and at metered parking spaces. Revel users should park their vehicle perpendicular to the streets, with the rear wheel to the curb, and park at the painted “T” when at a metered parking space. 

The launch of Revel’s e-moped programme comes just two days after OakDOT and shared-mobility service provider Lime launched the first-ever e-scooter pilot programme for riders with disabilities. The Lime pilot features an e-scooter intended for riders who are not comfortable or unable to stand for a long time and/or have limited capacity for walking. This new accessible micro-mobility for Oakland residents with disabilities to travel and commute to work/home, run errands, and make their lives more convenient as it increases their transportation options.

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