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In response to a new EU law which states that all-electric vehicles will have to emit an artificial noise when travelling at low speeds, Transport for London and Zelig Sound are working on a new soundtrack for the city’s new fleet. 

London has Europe’s biggest electric bus fleet with approximately 200 in use today, with two dedicated fully electric bus routes already in place. 

This rule is being implemented to ensure the safety of pedestrians who will be at risk crossing the road in front of a vehicle with a silent electric motor. In fact, research from the US Department of Transportation states that people are 40% more likely to be hit by an EV than a petrol or diesel vehicle. 

In addition to new EVs, older electric cars will have to be retrofitted with a sound system by 2021.

The next step, however, is to find a balance between safety and irritation as EVs rise in popularity. 


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