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Northvolt is to establish its first pilot recycling plant for lithium-ion batteries in Västerås, Sweden, in 2020.  

The new facility will target an initial recycling capacity of 100 tons per year. A full-scale recycling plant at Northvolt’s gigafactory in northern Sweden will be established by 2022.

Peter Carlsson, CEO Northvolt, says: “It is clear that recycling batteries at end-of-life is critical to delivering a comprehensive model for sustainable lithium-ion batteries. With this program Northvolt will be able to recover valuable materials from cells and return them to manufacturing flows. Recycling will reduce the need for mining raw materials, improve security of supply and lower the environmental footprint of Northvolt cells by reducing mining-related emissions.”  

Emma Nehrenheim, Chief Environmental Officer Northvolt, adds: “The pilot plant will build on work undertaken over the last two years and provide us the necessary tools to take us to the next level – from research laboratories into the real-world. What we learn at the pilot plant will be key to optimizing the design, build and ultimately the operation of a much larger capacity recycling plant which will be established at Northvolt Ett.” 

Northvolt says, in 2019, some 75,000 tons of batteries will reach end-of-life. 

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