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At the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Continental will unveil a new contact sensor that can detect scratches and damages called the Contact Sensor System (CoSSy).

This system detects low-speed contact between a vehicle and a person or an object and can help to make future use cases like automated parking even safer. 

Continental also says it will be able to detect and monitor road conditions. For example, the sound of water hitting the vehicle structure from below can be used to indicate the potential for hydroplaning.

Laurent Fabre, head of the Passive Safety & Sensorics business unit within Continental, says: “Structure-born and airborne sound are signals which provide valuable information about the immediate vehicle surrounding. CoSSy is specially developed to pick up the sound patterns of a number of types of contact.”

Fabre adds: “Structure-borne sound, for instance, warns when hitting an obstacle at the low speed level of automated parking. However, once CoSSy is on board, its detection principle can be used to add many more functions thus adding to the safety and comfort of a ride.”

Cossy Sensor

Continental predicts that automated parking applications will be widely available around 2022.

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