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The Nissan LEAF has transformed into a Nissan TREE this Christmas. The car maker has revealed a one-off, festive electric car decked out in a spectacular light display.

It also showcases the way an EV can regenerates power when braking or decelerating using an e-Pedal.

The car harvests energy via regenerative braking. This works by recycling the energy from the movement of the car during braking or deceleration, which then goes straight back to the batteries, where it is used to recharge the cells. 

The e-Pedal also offers drivers more range.

Helen Perry, head of electric vehicles for Nissan Europe, says: “We hope this custom-made vehicle inspires people about the benefits of regenerative energy. After nearly ten years since LEAF was first introduced in Europe, Nissan continues to be fully focused on providing consumers a more sustainable lifestyle through electric mobility.”

Nissan Leaf Tree Image 1

The car manufacturer says there are almost 150,000 Nissan LEAF EVs on the roads today across Europe.

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